Women’s Ministry

All women of the church family are invited to join the woman's ministry to look how to live in the Lord way.

Lanae de Vries  |  Tel: 079 840 7744


Men's Ministry

Men of the church are encouraged to join the men's ministry where men can take a closer look a how to live as a man in the Lord's way.

Dr. Brian de Vries  |  Tel: 079 933 9884


Children's Ministry

Children can also feel welcomed and look forward in joining our church family while going on an adventure in learning about God's work. 

Rev France Mookisi  |  Tel: 084 029 7833


Evangelism & Mission

We love to spread the word of God as well as reveal his love and his love through Evangelism as well as community Missions 

Rev Gesse Rios |  Tel: 076 747 4802 


Weekly Bible Study

Dr. Brian de Vries |  Tel: 079 933 9884 

We have a weekly Bible study where we go a step further in learning God's Love as well as God's work


New Members Study

We always ensure that new members of our family feel welcomed and expand our knowledge of God.

Dr. Brian de Vries |  Tel: 079 933 9884