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Bible Studies

I rejoice at your Word like one who finds great spoil - Psalm 119: 67


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We must re-grasp the idea of church membership as being the membership of the body of Christ and as the biggest honour which can come man's way in this world.

- Martin Lloyd-Jones

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Redemptive-Historical Series

Serious Bible studies oftentimes either work exegetically through a specific book in the Bible or consider various important Biblical doctrines (systematic theology) revealed through Scripture.

This series is different in that it seeks to follow redemptive historical plotlines through Scripture. Theologians call this a Biblical-theological approach.

Biblical theology is not concerned to state the final doctrines which go to make up the content of Christian belief, but rather to describe the process by which revelation unfolds and moves toward the goal which is God’s final revelation of his purposes in Jesus Christ.

- Graeme Goldsworthy

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